Nourish From Love Program

Natalia smiling

Nourish From Love is a 10-week group program with eight live modules to help you connect with your body and improve your relationship with food.

    This program will help you:
  • Feel like you’re on your way to improving your relationship with food within a community that nurtures and understands you
  • Build a calmer, more fluid and harmonious relationship with food
  • Let go of guilt, regret, and fear of food
  • Experience greater ease, confidence and connection with your body
  • Relate to your emotions without having to use food
  • Feel more confident in yourself and within your body
  • Have resources and tools that you can apply from day 1
  • Get to know yourself and understand your history with food
  • Recognize the root cause of your current habits and start taking action that aligns with your new awareness
  • Understand nutrition beyond food
  • Start nourishing your life beyond food
  • Learn to cultivate the well-being of your body, mind and soul
  • Observe your beliefs and recognize all that does not serve you
  • Change your mindset and let go of what limits you
  • Create space in your life to build a new relationship with food and your body
  • Recognize the power of feeling your feelings through awareness
  • Learn to manage your emotions without having to resort to food
  • Recognize the meaning and origin of your cravings and understand why you experience them
  • Learn to honor and satisfy your cravings without guilt or regret
  • Identify how different types of hunger present themselves in your life
  • Connect with your inner cues and learn to honor your hunger
  • Learn to relate to your body beyond its appearance
  • Recognize your worth and integrate all parts of who you are
  • Create space to accept yourself and practice self-love in a different way
  • Learn to enjoy the here and now by being connected with your body
  • Allow your desires and intuition to guide you towards an aligned, expansive and fulfilling life
    The program includes:
  • A welcome and closing ceremony
  • 8 live module sessions + weekly 90 minute group coaching
  • Recorded sessions to rewatch during the program
  • Worksheets, activities, reflection exercises and weekly PDFs
  • Meditation, breathwork and embodiment practices
  • Access to me and the community via Slack

Living at war with your body is not living. If you feel ready to get out of the diet cycle and gain more freedom, calm and harmony with food. Then I would love to support you and provide the resources to create the foundation for connecting with your body.